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Our award-winning web design team is known for building beautiful and functional websites that are designed to convert.


Custom Web Design & Development

Your company’s brand represents years of hard work and dedication, so shouldn’t your website be a reflection of that brand? Don’t settle for a cookie-cutter website that follows a template or theme that is available to anyone – get a custom-designed website from Socius Marketing instead. The sites we create are consistently brand integrated in every way and can help your company achieve its marketing goals. But what makes our designs better than those created by other marketing agencies?

Simply put, Socius offers custom design services that our competition can’t match. It all starts with our in-house, award-winning team of designers. You could say our artists literally wrote the book on graphic design.

Websites Designed to Convert Users

A sleek, modern website is great, but if it’s not designed with a user’s experience in mind, it won’t drive the level of conversions your business needs. All websites designed by the Socius team are responsive, meaning the design will look great no matter what kind of device your customers use to visit your site. This means that mobile phone users, tablet users, and desktop users will all have a fantastic experience on your website.

What Sets Our Design Experience Apart?

When you choose a custom-designed website from Socius Marketing, there are many unique aspects that will help your site stand out, including —

  • A targeted focus on your company’s story instead of just the products or services you offer
  • Consistent and patterned call to action (CTA) options to capture the attention of users and convert them into leads by encouraging click-to-call, contact form completion, downloads, and other actions.
  • Compelling and informative SEO content produced by our in-house staff of professional writers
  • Consistently placed five-star customer reviews that utilize schema markup so they will appear on Google search result pages as well
  • The use of long-form pages to make navigation (and conversion) easier for mobile users
  • The consistent integration of personalized “About Us” sections to help improve conversion

The sites we design can also utilize cookie-based customization technology, which allows you to provide a different experience for a repeat visitor to help increase your conversion odds. We can also integrate IP targeting into your site, which allows you to change which products or services are available based on where a potential customer is located. And, as always, when Socius Marketing designs your site, you retain 100 percent ownership and can host your site wherever you choose.



From roofing companies and home remodelers to plumbers and solar companies, we know the home improvement business like the back of our hands.
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We have a great track record for driving patient volume to healthcare practices, urgent care clinics, hospitals, and major medical groups.
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